Local area developments

Leicester City, Leicestershire and Rutland local area partners are in the Change Programme Partnership for SEND and Alternative Provision reforms.

The Change Programme Partnership was launched by the Department for Education (DfE) in September 2023 to test and deliver reforms to SEND and Alternative Provision.

Representatives from the DfE, the REACh Consortium, local areas representing regions in the Change Programme Partnership, the NNPCF Co-Chairs and other Parent Carer Forum representatives were in attendance.  The REACh Consortium, a team formed of four organisations; PA Consulting, Impower, CDC and Olive Academies, are the delivery partners supporting the programme.

Thirty two local areas were selected by ministers to pilot key SEND reforms through the £70 million change programme.  As part of the Change Programme local areas will review and test new practice and guidance in the SEND and alternative provision system, fundamental to the purpose of the programme.  Only those local areas involved in the Change Programme Partnership are testing these proposed reforms and it does not change the statutory duties or any rights under current legislation of local areas, parents, carers, and children.

Leicester City, Leicestershire and Rutland, on behalf of the East Midlands region, are piloting the reforms with the Change Programme objectives of:

  • Improving joint accountability and shared responsibility across all partners, enabling inclusion of children and young people with SEND in early years, mainstream and post-16 settings.
  • Ensuring all providers are engaged in local strategic planning discussions and are represented within the governance.
  • Facilitating alignment to and engagement with the local area health system.

The Change Programme Partnership will be testing these areas over the next two years:

  • A new national template for Local Area Inclusion Plans (LAIPs)
  • A SEND and alternative provision data dashboard
  • EHCP reforms
    • National EHCP template
    • Multi-agency panels
    • Strengthened mediation
  • A 3 tier model of alternative provision
  • Bands and tariffs
  • Advisory tailored lists
  • National standards
  • Early language support for every child (ELSEC)

The programme will be rolled out in stages with the LAIP, the data dashboard having started in November; with testing of an EHC Plan template and guidance planned to be tested in January 2024.  View the current communication plan.

The LLR Parent Carer Forum Partnership have circulated a newsletter to their parent and carer members, for wider distribution.