Childcare Professionals

Provider agreement

All childcare providers who deliver Funded Early Education Entitlement (FEEE) are required to agree and adhere to the provider agreement issued by the Council.

The sign up process is supported by the Early Education Development team and providers will need to access the following resources:

  • Provider Agreement
    Download and read the terms and conditions of the provision of funded early education.

  • Annex A - Provider information and declaration
    Complete the online form to submit the information outlined in the Provider Agreement.

  • Data Controller to Data Controller Agreement
    Download the agreement, sign and enter the relevant details in the third party section (9.1 of the document) and return a copy to the address on the form.

  • Parental Declaration
    Download the document, complete with the parent and retain for your records.  You may need to refer to Ethnicity Codes when completing the form.   Leicester City Council do not require a copy of this form.

  • Support with resources
    More information about the resources used with the Provider Agreement

For any additional information, email