Education and training opportunities

Talking to the right people to give you the best information as early as possible is very important.

Some schools and colleges will have their own careers and employment advisers.  The information here is for whether you are still at school or left education.

Apprenticeships and supported apprenticeships  

Apprenticeships are paid for by the government and the employer. Learning at work through an apprenticeship scheme means getting a wage at the same time.   Find out more information at the Leicester apprenticeship hub


Leicester and Leicestershire have a number of colleges with a wide range of courses.  Colleges very often run taster days to help you decide if it’s right for you. 

Supported internships

A supported internship is a study programme for young people aged 16-24 who have an Education, Health and Care Plan EHCP) who want to move into employment but need extra support to learn work related skills.

Job Centre Plus

Job Centre Plus has advisers to help people to choose a job, to find work and how to and move from being on benefits to earning their own money. 

Job coaching

A job coach finds out what the work involves and then plans ways to help the young person fulfil their tasks.  Support is on-going until the employee has learned the job.


There are many organisations that offer training. Some may have to be paid for by personal means, some is free and some is bought by the employer.  Carry out a search for training provider.


Universities offer you a range of qualifications, not just degrees. It isn’t always necessary to have taken A Levels to go to university.