SEND transfer form

The transfer form summarises the key information about a child's special educational needs and disabilities to help the receiving school to have an overview of existing support in place.

Completing the form

  • This form should be completed only for children who have additional needs. It does not replace the Foundation Stage Continuity Form
  • The child may or may not be known to the Area Senco
  • The child’s key person should complete the form
  • The contents of the form should always be shared with parents/carers. Parents/carers can add any information they feel is relevant. It is good practice to give them a copy.
  • The Area Senco can advise you on filling out the form if you need any help.
  • It is important that you complete each section, and use as much detail as possible to describe the child’s additional needs and strengths
  • View a completed sample form

Sending the form

When the SEND Transfer form is completed and has been shared with the parent/carer it should be sent directly to the next setting/school together with the Foundation Stage Continuity Form.

Further support

If you require any support or advice with the SEND transfer form please contact your Area Senco.