Childcare Professionals

CSA collection

The local authority is a required to carry out Childcare Sufficiency Assessments (CSA) and publish the findings.

Childcare providers are required to complete the CSA online when prompted to by the Early Education Development team.  

  • No collection of data currently required

The latest published Childcare Sufficiency Assessment is attached for download.  

Childcare Market Position Statement

Leicester City Council’s childcare market position statement focuses on detailing the geographical spread of existing 2, 3 and 4 year Funded Early Education Entitlement (FEEE) provision in the city.  It supports the local authority to assess what types of childcare are available in clusters/ward areas and highlights areas where there are gaps in FEEE provision in the city.

The findings support the local authority to shape the childcare market in a strategic way, supporting growth and channelling resources in areas of need, over the short and long term.

The latest published market position statement is attached below.

For further assistance with the Early Education Development team on  Years Census telephone 0116 454 4190