Social work support

Disabled Children Service have close links with the Disabled Children’s Social Worker Team who manage safeguarding concerns.

Children who have an allocated Disabled Children's Social Worker are either subject to Child Protection Plans, Child in Need Plans or are Looked After Children.

Where a single assessment has been completed and the child meets the Disabled Children's Service criteria the case would be transferred to one of our service's social workers to provide the ongoing social work provision.    

Single assessments are carried out by the Duty and Advice Service to see:

  • if a child has needs that cannot be met by universal or targeted services and if there are indications that the child has more complex or serious needs
  • if there are child protection or safeguarding concerns, and indications that a child is suffering or is likely to suffer significant harm
  • if a child becomes, or is at risk of becoming, looked after by the local authority
  • if a child is the subject of care proceedings
  • when a child is being fostered or placed in residential services

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