Advocacy groups

Advocacy is about speaking up for yourself and having your voice heard at a time that is important to you.

Sometimes it is helpful at a school review or at college or could be when you’re volunteering or starting a job.  Advocacy is always independent which means that no one’s opinion is more important than yours.

There has been an Act of government that says when a young person with special educational needs and disabilities becomes 16 their voice is the most important.  This is one of the reasons why we are letting as many people as possible about advocacy.

Self advocacy

Self advocacy is about speaking up for yourself.   You may be very good at this already or would like to know more ways of getting your message known.  

Peer advocacy

Peer advocacy is when you speak up for someone else.  You say exactly what it is they have asked you to say on their behalf.  Sometimes it is about helping them to work out what they want to say and support them to speak up for themselves.

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