Songs and rhymes

Song and rhyming ideas to uses when interacting with a child.

  • Always start with a hello song
  • Use the child’s name in songs
  • Pick up on what the child is doing and label their action
  • Use musical instruments to match the child’s actions, e.g. bang on a drum for jumping or stamping
  • Repeat songs
  • Make up your own songs to familiar tunes
  • Include favourite tunes from the television
  • Always finish with a goodbye song

Songs for following a child's lead

  • What can we do with the ... (Tune: Drunken sailor)
  • This is the way we go round the mulberry bush (Tune: Mulberry bush)
  • Let’s all jump/tap together

Songs to build anticipation

  • Round and round the garden
  • Put this hat upon your head
  • This little piggy

  • Songs for interaction
    • Row, row, row your boat
    • Bouncing up and down on my little red tractor (Tune: In and out the dusky bluebells)
  • Action songs
    • Roly poly, roly poly, up and down
    • Open, shut them
    • Wind the bobbin up
    • Head, shoulders, knees and toes
    • If you’re happy and you know it

  • Songs with changes in pace, rhythm or volume
    • Row, row, row your boat
    • Round and round

  • Songs for calming down and soothing
    • Stroking N’s cheek
    • Twinkle, twinkle

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