Who can help?

There are a number of services that are available for young adults to help them keep well.

For further advice and support contact your GP, other medical professionals or call 111 for non-emergency and urgent medical advice.

Transition team for health

There is a small team in the city who can give you advice and practical support as well as attending education, health and care plan reviews.  For more information contact 0116 295 5080.

Continuing Healthcare

Continuing healthcare funding is when the whole care package is paid for through a health budget. Funding awards are subject to assessment.

School Nurses

Often the first person to speak to about general health matters is the school nurse. He or she will have information available at school.  Alternatively find your school nurse using the Health for Kids website

Diana Service

The Diana Service provides care and support for children and families requiring special nursing care in a community setting.  

Community Learning Disability Services

Community learning disability services works to improve inclusion for young people over the age of 18.

Primary Care Liaison

Nurse led support for people with Learning Disabilities to manage their community health needs.
Telephone 0116 295 5291

Acute Liaison Nurses

Acute liaison nurses support people with a learning disabilities to have a positive hospital stay. You can contact the Acute Liaison Learning Disability Nurses on 0116 250 2809 or email LearningDisabilities@uhl-tr.nhs.uk.

Leicester sexual health

Leicester sexual health provides free, confidential advice and services on sexual health matters.

Mental health 

The first line of support for mental health is often through school or college where the school nurse, learning mentor or other professional will be able to talk to you about mental health issues.  Your GP, nurse practitioner or other health worker will be able to refer to the Child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS)  team for specialist support.

Mental capacity is about the young person being able to make personal decisions about the life they want to lead and how they want to achieve this. When their capacity to make decisions is impaired, assistance is available to ensure that decision making remains impartial.

Leicestershire action for mental health project (LAMP)

Relate for Young People  

Substance use support

Search drug and alcohol misuse information on the support available and how to access it.  

Support to Stop Smoking - NHS Choices

 Healthy eating and food

Keeping Fit