Referral for SEND support services

To request specialist advice and support for a child or young person from the local authority's SEND support service, a referral form should be completed.

Who can make a referral

The referral form is normally completed by:

  • An early years setting, school, FE college or education provider; or
  • Health or social care professional

If you wish for a referral to be made, discuss this direct with your child's education setting, health or social care professional.

Parent and carers who have a child aged between 0-5 years old can self refer if they are not accessing an early years setting or accessing health or social care service.  

How to make a referral

Before you can make a referral you will need to register for My Leicester Account

  1. Open online referral form
  2. Log in to your my Leicester Account
  3. Complete your form

The My Leicester Account will allow you to view progression and action taken on the form

Guidance notes are available to support you making a referral. 

What happens next?

Referral forms are considered at a fortnightly referral meeting held by SEND services team leaders during term time only. 

The person making the referral will receive a response within 10 working days of this meeting, indicating either the referral has been accepted and the action to be undertaken by SEND services or that the referral has not been accepted - and the reasons for this with alternative suggestions for support/action, where relevant.