Person centred reviews

Person-centred reviews are a way of holding EHCP annual reviews and put the young person at the centre of a meeting or plan about their needs.

Person-centred are a family friendly and effective way of bringing everyone together to identify needs and develop an action plan for the young person and are aimed to ensure that they are they are listened to, respected, valued and cared for, and that they belong.

How does it work?

The meeting is led by your needs and wishes. You will be invited to attend all or some of the meeting and will be encouraged to present to attendees work you have done in and outside of school. Also, to share what you have and haven’t enjoyed, things to improve and your aspirations for the future. This may be a PowerPoint presentation, but you may choose to present in different ways such as a pre-recorded video.

Teachers from your school will help you prepare for the person-centred review and will explain the process to your parents/carers. A facilitator may lead the review and will ensure you remain at the centre of all discussions.

Who is involved?

The person-centred review is arranged and led by your school or college but we may invite other professionals working with them to attend.

When will this happen?

A person-centred review will happen annually but will only take place when you attend a school which holds its reviews in this way.

The role of parents and carers

Parents and carers are a key part of person-centred reviews. They can help you prepare for the review by guiding you to think about your achievements, hopes and aspirations as well as contributing at the review meeting.