EHC statutory assessment timescale

The statutory assessment process takes up to 20 weeks to be completed. The timescale summarises key points of action in the process.

Request received by the council

  • Request acknowledged
  • Letter 1 issued to parent / carer with a request for further information

From Week 6

  • Statutory Assessment Request Decision meeting held
  • If assessment agreed:
    • Letter 2 issued to parent / carer
    • Advice from professionals requested
  • If assessment not agreed:
    • Letter 2a issued to parent / carer

From Week 12

  • Integrated Assessment meeting held
  • Resources Allocation Panel held

By Week 16

  • If EHC draft plan issued:
    • Letter 3 issued to parent / carer - Response from parent / carer required within 15 days
  • EHC plan not agreed:
    • Letter 3a issued to parent / carer - Reasons for not agreeing the plan included

Week 20

  • EHC final plan issued
  • Implementation
  • Implementation meeting to be organised by school / placement within 6 weeks of plan issued

The process timescale is available as a flowchart, attached below.