Mystery shopper scheme

Our Mystery Shopper Scheme provides an opportunity for you to get involved in developing the content and accessibility of our Leicester’s Send Local Offer.

How does it work?

We hold a virtual meeting where we look at a particular area every two months and complete a feedback form.  Feedback can also be received in between sessions by using the feedback form.

How can mystery shoppers help?

Mystery Shoppers can:

  • Look at the Local Offer with a fresh pair of eyes
  • Look at keyword searches
  • Test accessibility
  • Highlight information difficult to understand
  • Highlight information difficult to find
  • Highlight missing information
  • Share what is good about the website
  • Test on different devices

What will happen to the feedback?

Feedback from mystery shoppers will support development of the website and look at information gaps.  Service gaps will be shared with Service Managers

We will share feedback on our actions here.

Where can I get more information or volunteer as a mystery shopper?

Please email and we will get back to you.