You said, we did

Local Offer is more than a just a place to find information, it’s also where you can talk to us and tell us what you think.

What is missing on the website

This could be about a service we have not included, or support for a young person with a particular type of disability, or maybe a link you are intending to use has broken.

What have you found on the website that has been really helpful

Other young people, parents and carers and professionals are always keen to hear about what has worked for someone.

What other services and opportunities should be available in the city

We want to be as wholly inclusive as we can but can only achieve this if we hear from you.

If your views are published on You said, We Did - it will be anonymous and your personal identity will always remain private.   At the same time we will post our reply as to how we have acted upon your comment.

Remember, we can only deal with matters relating to the Local Offer part of the website and not issues of a personal nature.    

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Your opinions, feed back and suggestions really count, please contact us on 0116 4540644 or email