CPD opportunities

Our training service aims to support childcare settings in Leicester City with raising quality through workforce development, by offering continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities to the sectors early years practitioners.

Summer term training bookings are now open! Act fast to avoid disappointment!

Recruitment and Retention

The term ‘recruitment crisis’ is something we are hearing more and more. But what does this actually mean? How is it shaping the landscape of early years and how is it impacting you? Throughout this course, we will explore the challenges and solutions surrounding recruitment and the strategies for retaining quality staff.
Through reflective exercises, we will unpick the influences of our approach to recruitment and retention, focusing on realistic and achievable next steps.

  • Course code: RR01
  • Date/Time: Thursday 27th June, 10am - 12pm.
  • Delivery method: Online via MS teams
  • Cost: There is no charge for this session.
  • Maximum numbers: 2 places per setting/school
  • Target audience: Those responsible or involved in the recruitment and retention of staff in the early years sector.

Holistic approach to child development in the prime areas.

Recent Ofsted trends would indicate that there in a need for increased knowledge and understanding of child development within the sector. A Holistic Approach to Child Development and the Prime Areas has been created to target this area of focus.
The course provides an opportunity to unpick what expected development would look like in each of the prime areas of the EYFS 2023 and explore tools and resources, including the 2 year old progress check, that will aid practitioners in their observation and assessment of children; to inform planning and to support them in seeking external support if needed for a child.

Learning intentions - Practitioners will:
• Leave with the skills to use a variety of tools to support with observations and assessments.
• Have the opportunity to practice using the tools and apply their knowledge of child development to case studies.
• Be able to use a holistic approach to complete a referral to external agencies.
• Be able to use a holistic approach to child development and apply this to observations they make of children in all 3 prime areas.

  • Course code: HA01
  • Date/Time: Tuesday 18th June, 9:30am - 12:30pm
  • Venue: Thurnby Lodge Children's and Family Centre, 79 Dudley Avenue, Leicester. LE5 2EG
  • Cost: There is no charge for this session.
  • Maximum numbers: 2 places per setting/school
  • Target audience: EYFS practitioners and leaders.

Quality curriculum

This course will give you an opportunity to explore what a quality curriculum should include and empower settings to begin to reflect and establish a high- quality curriculum, that can be articulated and justified.
It will also consider how the curriculum fits into the 3 III’s and the language around the EYFS that’s supports this.
This deep dive into curriculum exploration will give practitioners the tools and confidence to deliver a purposeful curriculum that keeps the child at the centre. A must for those getting to grips with the revised EYFS

  • Course code: QC01
  • Date/Time: Monday 13th May, 9:30am - 11:30am
  • Delivery method: Online via MS teams
  • Cost: There is no charge for this session.
  • Maximum numbers: 2 places per setting/school
  • Target audience: EYFS practitioners and leaders

EYFS network: Transitions  

A key focus of the summer term is preparing to support effective transitions of children from early years settings to school.
We are all seeing the lasting impact of the Covid pandemic on children’s development, and it has never been more important to work collectively to support them as they move from settings into school. This needs to be built on ongoing positive working relationships across the sector, which is why it is crucial for schools and settings to come together at this event.

Are you passionate about getting it right for children in Leicester?

Then come to the event to -
• Hear about a pilot model for sharing information to support children’s individual transitions between settings and schools in your locality.
• Network with practitioners from other services, schools, and settings.
• Hear about the work and plans of Leicester’s Transition Working Group and find out how to be involved or feed into the work being developed.
• Hear from speakers from Dingle’s Promise, Leicester’s Family hubs and engage in professional discussion in workshop sessions.

  • Course code: EYN01
  • Date/Time: Tuesday 7th May, 9am registration. 9:30 start - 12pm.
  • Venue: Hansom Hall, Leicester Adult Education College, 50-54 Belvoir Street, Leicester. LE1 6QL
  • Cost: There is no charge for this event.
  • Target audience: EYFS leaders and practitioners from settings or schools

Supporting children's mental health and well-being in every day practice

Children’s well-being has been significantly impacted by the recent events of the COVID pandemic, this therefore becomes even more important that children’s mental health and wellbeing becomes central to everyday practice.
This on-line training session aims to empower early years practitioners to proactively contribute and support children’s mental health and well-being. Through reflective discussions and exercises you will gain a deeper understanding of how to support children in your care, within day to day routine and lay the foundations for children’s secure emotional wellbeing.

  • Course code: SCMH01
  • Date/Time: Monday 20th May, 10am - 12pm.
  • Delivery method: Online via MS teams
  • Cost: There is no charge for this session.
  • Maximum numbers: 2 places per setting/school
  • Target audience: EYFS practitioners and leaders

Quality Forum - Children's mental health and well-being

Following the key messages from the recent EYFS network event in March, the EED team are excited to invite you to attend our online quality forum session focussed on Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing. The quality forum will provide you with an opportunity to explore and discuss new innovative tools and resources which will support and enhance best practice in your settings.

Children’s mental health and wellbeing has become a significant focus in the EYFS due to the growing awareness of the impact early experiences have on children’s long-term emotional development. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss!

  • Course code: see chose date. 
  • Date/Time: Wednesday 5th June, 6:30pm - 8pm (code QF01) OR Tuesday 11th June 1pm - 2:30pm (code QF02)
  • Delivery method: Online via MS teams
  • Cost: There is no charge for this session.
  • Maximum numbers: 2 places per setting/school
  • Target audience: EYFS practitioners and leaders


How to book

To book please send an email to EEDteam@leicester.gov.uk with the course title and course code in the subject bar.
Please confirm the name of the practitioner requesting a place, the setting they are from, a contact number and email address. For online courses, be sure to detail the email address for which the meeting link needs to be sent.
Each person must make a separate booking and log into the session on a separate device due to break out activities – those that have not made a separate booking will not be permitted to partake in the training.
To enable us to meet demand, we are limiting bookings to a maximum of two practitioners per setting. Should you feel that you require more, please contact the EED team and request to be added to the waiting list.


Other local CPD opportunities 

Early years support team (EYST)

The early years support team's SEND training programme for Spring 2024 can be found via Booking Live

Prevent Training

Online: Wednesday 19th June, 10am - 11:30am. MS Teams . To book email ailsa.coull@leicester.gov.uk

Face to face: Wednesday 2nd October, 10am - 11:30am. City Hall, Leicester. LE1 1FZ

Providers can also utilise the eLearning for staff found here

Statutory training opportunities

For information about the Safeguarding Competency framework visit the Leicester Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) Safeguarding Partnership Board

Leicester Nutrition and Dietetic Services for Early Years Settings

Did you know? Leicestershire nutrition and dietetic service is commissioned to support settings in Leicester City with providing adequate nutrition. Find further information about the Good nutrition for under 5 award here

Find out more about how you can meet your statutory duties around promoting oral health within the early years by exploring the accredited Healthy teeth, Happy smiles award.

Active Together - Active Tots

Active Tots works to promote the positive impact of encouraging young children to be physically active and how it may help towards leading a healthy, active lifestyle later on as an adult. Active Tots (for professionals) provides information for childcare professionals including local events/courses and healthy tots accreditation. 

Find out more by visiting Active together - Active Tots and Active together - Active Tots for professionals. 

National development opportunities 

DfE expert and mentors programme for early years settings

The Early Years Experts and Mentors programme provides bespoke support, face-to-face and virtually, to help meet individual settings needs and priorities. The offer to settings will include providing leadership support, coaching for leaders, mentoring for practitioners and whole-setting support, depending on their need. 

Further information on the programme can be found on our delivery partner's website https://www.pengreen.org/about-the-programme/

Local authorities are now collecting interest from settings to engage in the programme as part of the next cohort. If you would like to take advantage of this funded development opportunity for your setting, please email your expression of interest to eedteam@leicester.gov.uk

DfE mentors programme for childminders

The Early Years Childminder Mentor programme from the Department for Education is focused on supporting early years childminders, to address the impact of the pandemic on the youngest children.

The programme is available nationally across England. Selected childminders will receive the support of a Mentor for one term, between May 2023 and July 2024. At the end of each term, Mentors will move on to support a new group of childminders. Mentors will offer mostly online support. Groups will be allowed to meet face-to-face, if this is feasible for both the Mentor and the childminders they are supporting.

Who is eligible to receive support from this programme?

To be eligible to receive support from the DfE Childminder Mentor programme, childminders must currently be providing childcare to children aged between 0-5 (to at least one child). You can apply for support as an individual, or with other childminders as part of a small group (of up to four people). If you apply as an individual, you will be placed in a group with others.

For more details on the programme, visit our delivery partner's website COVID-19 Recovery Childminders | Hempsalls or contact eedteam@leicester.gov.uk to register your interest and can put you forward to be involved in the next group.

DfE professional development programme (PDP) Phase 3

The Department for Education have now launched phase 3 of PDP, which has been adapted and streamlined from the original programme that was delivered in phase 1, in which several Leicester City schools and settings took part.

Please note this phase no longer includes the Communication friendly setting accreditation, but remains a valuable learning and development opportunity for practitioners and settings, which will enable you to support Covid recovery and children’s development, with a particular focus around PSED, Communication and Language and Early Mathematics. It involves self-directed study and participation in online webinars, as well as action planning as a result of the learning. There is some funding (administered through the local authority) to support settings engagement in the programme.

There is some introductory information that DfE have provided in the links below to give you information on the programme, who it is for and what it would involve, this should help answer any questions you might have. We encourage you to look through this information and ensure interested practitioners and settings meet the eligibility criteria.

If you would like to put your setting or yourself, as a childminder forward for the programme, please let us know and we can put your details forward to the delivery partner for this programme.

DfE early years child development training

The Department for Education has launched a free online Early years child development training course aimed at childminders, nursery practitioners and nursery managers. The flexible online training has been developed in consultation with early years experts and provides a greater understanding of child development.

The training: 

  • gives practical advice for supporting children in early years settings
  • includes opportunities to reflect on your practice
  • reinforces your understanding through learning check questions and tests
  • allows you to pause and restart the training at any time
  • offers the chance to download certificates of achievement for each module 

The first 4 modules of the raining are available now. Further modules will be added throughout 2023. 

Find out more about the training and enrol.