About quality support

The Early Education Development Team are driven by the key objectives of the Learning and Inclusion Service, motivated by the goal that all children in the city are offered the best start in life, with the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our focus is to support providers in their efforts to improve and sustain the quality of their provision through a range of methods.

Universal offer of support for all early years’ providers and practitioners

To ensure that providers are supported in maintaining quality practice, we encourage practitioners to make best use of Leicester’s Quality Improvement tools; the Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) and the Q cards. These tools are frequently updated and additions made to ensure that they continue to be relevant and impact on practice.  We also offer free places on the termly Quality Forum and scheduled EYFS Networks, to allow providers the opportunity to extend their knowledge, engage in professional discussion and motivate change.  To keep providers updated with latest news and information, a termly Workforce Newsletter is a published and distributed to the sector.

Also available to providers is a programme of continuous professional development opportunities, planned and delivered each term.

Providers judged as less than good by Ofsted

A consistent approach is applied to all providers identified as requiring support and guidance. A funded package of targeted training is made available, alongside an assigned Early Education Development Officer that will coordinate the support offered by the Local Authority. The focus of support is determined by the actions and recommendations identified with the latest inspection report, as well as identified areas for improvement highlighted through observations made by visiting officers.

Support for providers prior to their first full inspection

A newly registered provider will be asked to complete a brief Self-Assessment Questionnaire.  This information will be used to inform the support provided by the Local Authority.

An Early Education Development Officer will be allocated to provide an introduction to the universal offer of support and provide advice and guidance required in readiness for the setting’s first full inspection.

Contact us

Contact the Early Education Development team on 0116 454 4190 or email eedteam@leicester.gov.uk

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