SEND Transport Policy consultation

The Council is seeking views on the updated transport policies for children and young people with Special Education Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) up to age 16, and those with SEND attending Post-16 education.

The new draft policy documents outline:

  • The council’s responsibility to enable, support and assist children and young people with SEND to participate in education and training.
  • Parent / carer responsibilities in supporting their child(ren) access education and training.
  • The council’s commitment to support children and young people to develop their independence, enabling them to prepare for adulthood.
  • How the council will meet its obligations to provide 'home to school' and 'college travel' to eligible children and young people with SEND living in Leicester.
  • Alternative options for travel assistance, such as personal transport budgets and Independent travel training

The previous version of the policy is available as additional supporting document.

Additional information on transport eligibility and frequently asked questions will be added to the Local Offer website, following a decision on the proposed changes to the policies. An easy read document will be developed to ensure the information is accessible, as part of the consultation process, and published with the final policies.

It is anticipated, following the consultation and formal approval of the policy, from Autumn term 2022 all children and young people who are new and eligible for transport provision, will be aligned to this policy.

All children and young people who are currently in receipt of transport under the current policy will be transferred over following notification of the changes after two years, autumn 2024.