Request a transition assessment

Information about how to request a transition assessment and when to make the request.

When to ask for an assessment

There is no set age range but it is important to make sure that you or your parent/carer request an assessment before you are 18.  This is to make sure that when you reach 18 plans are in place to meet your needs.  When you ask Adult Social Care will tell you if they will undertake an assessment and when the best time is to do this.

How to ask for an assessment

If you have a social worker now you can ask them to request an assessment for you or, you and your parent and carer can do it.

If you do not have a social worker - complete an online referral form.  

Please note:  When using the online referral form for the first time on your device, please follow the security check before accessing the form.

Further information

You can request an assessment even if you don’t have an Education, Health and Care plan. 

Adult Social Care will consider your needs even if you have not had support from Children’s Social Care services. 

The decision about whether or not to offer you an assessment will be based upon your disability and if you meet the rules. 

If you don’t meet the rules they will send you a letter explaining why not and give you information and advice about other support and activities. 

You might meet the rules around needs but adult social care may think it’s not a good time to do your transition assessment. If this happens they will tell you when they will assess your needs and contact you when it is time to do your assessment.

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