Vision support

In Leicester City, the Vision Support Team works with schools to ensure that your child fully accesses school life and that their visual needs are met.

The team support children with a visual impairment (VI) and their families from birth and throughout their years in school.

They visit children and young people in their class and advise their teachers on what needs to be in place for your child to be happy and to access learning.   They train members of staff in schools and also hold training events throughout the year. Where necessary they will directly teach some of the children on their caseload.

The team make functional visual assessments in order to provide specialist educational advice and teaching and also provide modified resources, specialist equipment and training for staff in using these resources.

The team work closely with health and other professionals to provide a coordinated service.

For further information, telephone the vision support team on 0116 454 4650 or email the Vision Support Team at

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