Questions about personal transport budget

Frequently asked questions and answers that you may have about the personal transport budget (PTB)

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  • Will the payments be taxed or have an impact on other benefits?
    No.  The payments are not taxed and will not impact on other benefits that you may receive. This is because the personal transport budget is a payment made in relation to the child not the parent and is a grant that can be used in a variety of ways not just a ‘mileage allowance’.

  • If I have two or more children with SEN, all of whom are eligible for transport assistance, can I claim a personal transport budget for each child?
    One personal transport budget is payable per children/young person's main household.  However, if two children attend two different schools the extra mileage between schools will be taken into account.

  • Both myself and my child are happy with the current contractor and driver that transport my child to and from school.  If I applied for the personal transport budget could my child continue to travel on the same vehicle?
    No.  By applying for the personal transport budget you will be responsible for making your own arrangements for transporting your child to and from school.  Whilst you could use your budget to make your own personal arrangements with the taxi contractor to take your child to and from school, your child would not be able to travel on the vehicle that the Council has arranged.

  • Do I need to collect any receipts for petrol or show how the personal transport budget is being spent?
    No.  Once the payments are made to you, you can use them any way you wish to for your child to get to and from school every day.  However, the Council retains the right to check payments are being spent correctly and lawfully.

  • Would I receive a PTB if my child attends two schools?
    No.  Transport assistance is only provided to one school. If you apply for a PTB, this will only be assessed to the school that your child is on roll at and eligible for transport assistance to.

  • If I apply and am granted a PTB but find that at a later date it doesn’t work for my child or my circumstances change, can I change back to the previous transport arrangement?
    Yes.  You must give us at least one calendar months’ notice (maybe longer at peak periods) to stop the PTB payments and to allow the Council the opportunity to rearrange transport for your child. Please be aware, that this may not necessarily be the same taxi company or fleet vehicle that your child previously had as no guarantee can be given that the arrangements will stay the same.

  • Will the Council arrange short term transport cover for the occasions that I am unable to transport my child to school, for example if I am unwell?
    No.  The Council will not provide any cover transport arrangements and it will be your parental responsibility to ensure your child’s attendance at school.

    You are advised to have a contingency plan in place when using your personal transport budget if for any reason you are unable to get your child to school yourself or by your chosen method.