Personal assistants

The Disabled Children's Service holds a register of people who offer their services to support parents, carers and disabled children and young people.

Personal assistants are approved support staff who offer a range of individual support and care to disabled children and young people. Parents and carers who want to employ someone to help with the care needs of their child are given contact details of personal assistants who have time available. Parents and carers then contact a personal assistant themselves to make enquiries and arrangements.

Some parents may be in receipt of direct payments which are given out as a result of assessment by the Disabled Children's Service.  These payments can be used to directly employ personal assistants. Other families may choose to pay for support themselves.

How to find a personal assistant

Search the personal assistant register for a suitable match.  Read the Disclaimer before making contact with a personal assistant.

For information on other services in your area please visit MyChoice website. You may also be interested in our Parents' Guide to Personal Budgets.

Register as a personal assistant

If you are a person interested in working with disabled children and young people, please register your details