How to apply - foster parents

The application process for foster parents is different when applying for the extended entitlement of 30 hours funded childcare.

The social worker will discuss the application criteria and form filling process directly with the foster parent(s).  

Eligibility criteria for foster parents

Foster parent(s) meet the following criteria:

That accessing the extended hours is consistent with the child’s care plan, placing the child at the centre of the process and decision making; and

  • That, in a single parent foster family, the foster parents engage in paid work outside their role as a foster parent; or
  • In two parent foster families, both partners engage in paid work outside their role as a foster parent. If one foster partner is not a foster parent then they must be in qualifying paid work and earn a minimum of the equivalent to 16 hours at the national minimum / national living wage.  This is £120 if over 25 years old.

If the foster parent is eligible, an eligibility code will be issued.  This will then allow the child to take up the offer from the start of the term after eligibility has been granted.

The social worker will check and reconfirm the foster carer's eligibility for the extended entitlement on a termly basis. 

More information

Foster carers are advised to contact their social worker direct to discuss the application process.