Independent travel training

The Disabled Children’s Service provides training to enable staff to teach young people from 14 years and above to travel independently.

The training aims to give young people and adults the skills they need to travel to and from school, college and employment by themselves on public transport.

Training opportunities are still are hold, new opportunities will be posted on the website when they become available

Course Details

The training course is delivered over three days

  • Day 1 - You will be learning the theory and then practise a travel route as part of the training.

  • Day 2 - More theory work and you will work with a Consultant Learner and practise the same route as day 1.

    The consultant learner will help you learn / train, as this will be part of the training.

  • Day 3 - This is a follow up day and explained on day 2.

Benefits of travel training

The training is important as it offers the following benefits:

Young person and adults

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Potential to access education, employment and leisure opportunities
  • Young people and young adults experience increased confidence and independence for transition into adulthood
  • Independent travel broadens the horizon of the learner away from the family

Parents and carers

  • The young people or adults no longer need escorting to places
  • The parents gain more time to do their own thing, such as study or employment
  • Travel training can change family roles in a positive way, as it changes the way family members interact with one another
  • The travel trainers will work with parents to decrease their fears by visiting parents at home, keeping them fully informed of what the training will consist of at different times and to see the changes as benefits.


  • The young people or adults no longer need escorting to places
  • Reduce local council’s budget spent on SEND transport

Become a trainer

If you are interested in becoming a trainer contact the Service direct on 0116 454 4650 for more information.