Travel and transport

When you move into adulthood, you may want to involve yourself in other activities you will need to consider what travel options you can use to reach these.

These could include further education and learning, voluntary, apprenticeship or work opportunities. Or even exploring social opportunities around the city. You will need to consider what travel options you can use to reach these.

You can travel as safely and independently as possible in different ways. This may include public transport such as trains or buses, learning to ride a bicycle or drive a car.

How does it work?

Your school will support you to explore what options are best for you and what you need to think about. So you and your family can make an informed and attainable choice. Topics to cover include personal safety and stranger danger, assessing risk, insurance, Motability schemes, the Highway Code and independent travel training.

Who is involved?

Your school will provide you with contact information or arrange for a representative to visit you at school to help you consider your best options.

You may choose to plan ahead with your family and with those who support you such as Connexions or the transitions team.  The Employment-Enablement service has a range of contacts. They may also provide travel training to those who need it.

When will this happen?

Year 6 and above is the best time to begin looking at what the options are. Being able to travel to a destination will impact on the choices you make and the locations you look to for new opportunities.