The Care Act

If you think you may need support as a result of your disability, whether a learning disability, a physical disability or mental illness, you can ask Adult Social Care for a transition assessment.

Young people, young carers and carers of young people have the right to ask for a transition assessment. The law says that Adult Social Care has to assess people’s needs and to provide support if they need this help.

Who are Adult Social Care

Adult Social Care is the part of Leicester City Council whose job it is to provide support to adults who have a learning disability, a physical disability or mental illness and who need help with some daily living tasks or getting out into their community.

Some examples are:

  • Washing and dressing
  • Preparing meals
  • Going out into the community

There are rules about who can receive this help called the eligibility criteria. Eligibility is about being able to match your needs to the government’s rules. If you ask for an assessment, a social worker from Adult Social Care will check first of all to decide if you need one and if you do, when that will be.

After an assessment, people who meet the eligibility criteria will get help from Adult Social Care.

You or your parent or carer can ask but not everyone will meet the rules for an assessment. If you don’t meet the rules then you will be given advice and information on where to find support. 

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