Early Years training offer

In response to Covid-19, the Early Years Support Team are providing an online training programme (via Microsoft Teams) during 2020/21.

We are able to adapt many of our courses to deliver online to whole settings – please talk to your Area SENCO if you wish to arrange this. 

Training offer - Spring / Summer 2021

The online training offer for settings is detailed as follows.

  • Understanding and Supporting Children with Challenging Behaviour
    Wednesday 24 February
    Wednesday 3 March
    1pm to 4pm

    This enhanced course develops practitioners’ understanding of what is meant by challenging behaviour and considers factors that can have an impact on early development.  It considers a number of models that have been developed as a means to understanding, supporting and managing challenging behaviours.

  • Good Autism Practice - (Autism Education Trust, AET 2)
    Wednesdays  14, 21, 28 April and 5 May (4 Sessions)
    9.30am to 12.30pm

    This course is for all practitioners who work regularly with children with autism. It looks in more detail at the ‘four areas of difference’ and provides practical ideas and strategies of how to support children who have a diagnosis of autism or who have communication and social interaction needs and where a diagnosis is being considered.

  • Play Interaction
    Wednesday 17 March
    9am to 12.30pm

    Play Interaction is part of a continuum of provision to develop children’s social communication skills, along with Fun Time and Circle Time.  This enhanced level course develops practitioners’ knowledge and understanding of Play Interaction, including information on strategies to support children who have communication and interaction needs and advice on planning and running Play Interaction sessions.

  • Get Going with Communication
    Thursdays 15, 22, 29 April and 6 May (4 sessions)
    1pm to 4pm

    This universal level course develops practitioners’ knowledge and understanding of how children’s communication and language skills develop and explores why language is an essential life skill. It provides practical ideas to enable practitioners to promote the language skills of all children and to support children who have speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).

  • English as and Additional Language (EAL) and Special Educational Needs (SEN)
    Wednesday 12 and 19 May
    9.30am to 12.30pm

    This universal level course develops practitioners’ knowledge and understanding of how children acquire an additional language and how to identify special educational needs that children with EAL may have. It provides practical strategies to support the needs of children who are learning EAL and have SEN.

  • An Introduction to Down Syndrome
    Thursday 13 May
    9.30am to 12.30pm

    This course raises awareness of the needs of children with Down syndrome, including their strengths and difficulties, and provides strategies to promote effective learning.

Future training events

The Inclusive Provision in the Early Years document has been updated recently.  There will briefings offered in the spring term - dates to be confirmed. There will be no charge for these briefings.

Contact us

For further details about the training opportunities email early.years.sen@leicester.gov.uk

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