Social care and early help support

The Duty and Advice Service operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week by calling 0116 454 1004.

It is available for families, professionals and members of the public who may wish to seek advice, guidance and support in relation to children who have a variety of needs.

Where additional support needs are identified, our One Front Door can ensure these are offered in a timely way.  Qualified Social Workers will explore what those needs are, in order to identify the best service for families in line with their views and wishes.

If a request for a statutory Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) assessment is made, someone from children’s social care will contact the parents or carers to determine if any additional support is required and will look to see if there are any needs that should considered within the plan.  If support needs are identified, we will refer onto Early Help to ensure that this is provided.

We work to an agreed Threshold for Intervention.

Ongoing Social Care involvement

Where children were not previously known to children’s Social Care, (Single) assessments are carried out by the Duty and Assessment Service when:

  • It is considered that a child has needs that cannot be met by universal or Early Help and Prevention Services and if there are indications that the child has more complex or serious needs that impact upon the opportunity to achieve a reasonable standard of health and development without the provision of services
  • It is considered there are child protection or safeguarding concerns, and indications that a child is suffering or is likely to suffer significant harm
  • a child becomes, or is at risk of becoming, looked after by the local authority

Where the circumstances require ongoing involvement from Children’s Social Care, they will be allocated to a Social Worker who will work with the child and their family and all other professionals to support them to work towards goals identified to address necessary changes.

Children who have an allocated Social Worker are either subject to a new assessment or subject to Child Protection Plans, Child in Need Plans or are Looked After Children. We work in accordance with the Signs of Safety methodology which is a strengths-based approach.

For more information or for a discussion with one of our workers please contact the Duty and Advice Service on 0116 454 1004