Health support for parents

National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP)

If you have received your child’s National Child Measurement Programme letter, please speak to your GP or School Nurse for advice and support. Visit the NHS webpage for more detailed information about NCMP.

Health resources and activities

Free resources, activities and ideas are available that could help you to make little lifestyle changes around activity, eating and drinking to keep your child healthy.

Active Leicester

Active Leicester logo

Find activities for children in leisure centres across the City, and local clubs that may offer sports that you child might like to try.

1000 Tweaks to feeling Great

1000 tweaks to feeling great campaign logo

Make little changes for a big difference! Try getting off the bus a stop earlier or swapping your sugary drink for something with less sugar such as water. There are lots of tweaks that you can make – why not download a pledge card and pledge your change!

Change 4 Life

Change 4 Life logo

For easy healthy recipes to make as a family, ideas on smart swaps and 10 minute shake up activities visit

Health for Kids

Health for kids campaign logo

Health for Kids provides lots of useful reading, ideas for healthy snacks and activities to do with children.

Other activities

Visit a local park after school to help get your children more active, or join in at a one of your schools after-school clubs.  Search for more activities that you can try with your child.

Information for schools

If you are a school that would like more support dealing with feedback from NCMP, please email