Things to think about

There are many options to choose from after leaving school. Going to college is a popular choice but that isn’t right for everyone.

Some of the alternatives are work-based learning such as supported apprenticeships, supported internships and traineeships.  This route provides a mix of working and training should the young person not be ready to go straight into a job. 

Most young people have a natural wish to become independent and Leicester’s commissioners have made great strides to make this happen.  Supported living may mean that a young person has their own flat with on-site help when they need it or have their own room in a shared house.  Shared Lives carers work from their own homes to provide day care, short term breaks or long term live in arrangements for young people and adults who have social care needs.

Leicester city has its own Transition Team for Health with practitioners available to attend school Transition Reviews.  The practitioners can provide information and signposting to make the move into adult healthcare as seamless as possible because some services which are available in children’s health don’t exist in adult healthcare.  Planning for good health and wellbeing may mean thinking of new ways to exercise and eat healthily.

Meeting new people and staying in contact with old friends is really valuable after leaving school.  Building a varied social life could include taking exercise, volunteering, visiting city entertainments or starting a hobby.  Travel training is widely available to make getting out and about easier.  Young people have much to contribute therefore it’s important that they are central to making decisions and taking steps to lay the foundations for their futures.

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