Internet Safety

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Safer Internet Day 2019 will take place on Tuesday 5 February 2019 with the theme "Together for a better internet".

Safer Internet Day aims to reach out to children and young people, parents and carers, teachers, educators and social workers, as well as industry, decision makers and politicians, to encourage everyone to play their part in creating a better internet.

By celebrating the positive power of the internet, the 2019 Safer Internet Day theme of “Together for a better internet” encourages everyone to join the global movement, to participate, to make the most of the internet’s potential to bring people together.

Safer Internet Day 2019 encourages everyone to join and play their part

There are many ways to do this:

Children and young people

can help to create a better internet by being kind and respectful to others online, by protecting their online reputations (and those of others), and by seeking out positive opportunities to create, engage and share online.

Parents and carers

play a crucial role in empowering and supporting children to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively, whether it is by ensuring an open dialogue with their children, educating them to use technology safely and positively, or by acting as digital role models.

Teachers, educators and social workers

can help to create a better internet by equipping their pupils and students with digital literacy skills and by developing their critical thinking skills, which will allow them to better navigate the online world. They can empower them to create their own content, make positive choices online and can set a personal example of online behaviour for their pupils and students.

Safer Internet Day Education Packs

To help schools, youth groups, police services, libraries and wider run activities for Safer Internet Day, we have created Education Packs, with complementary SID TV films out now. These are tailored for 3-7s, 7-11s, 11-14s, 14-18s and parents and carers, along with some guidance for educators. 

Tailored for each key stage, the Education Packs include lesson plans, assemblies, posters, and other quick activities.  Each of the education packs also has an accompanying SID TV educational film, which is designed to complement the lessons and learning objective in each pack.

There are 6 education packs, each with their own age appropriate content and theme.

Social media

Each Safer Internet Day organisations, schools, police forces, and individuals get involved on social media to help us spread the word!

Safer Internet Day 2019 #SID2019 is rapidly approaching.