Taking part

The Disabled Children's Service is committed to involving disabled children, young people and their parents or carers in the services that are delivered or that they need.

The Disabled Children's Service encourages children, young people and their parents or carers to take part in the development of the services they need and use.

Groups of people meet regularly within forums so that views and ideas can be shared. Young people help in the hiring of staff who provide support as well as taking part in making decisions that affect the service.

There are forum meetings on a regular basis to discuss various issues and shared experiences.

Big Mouth Forum

Big Mouth Forum is a group created and run by disabled children and young people aged 11 - 25 years.  The forum was formed to give them an opportunity to speak out and ensure their voices are heard. The forum began with just seven members and has grown into a thriving community across Leicester and beyond.

Activities are delivered in a way that is suitable for all abilities and the activities are designed to encourage, provide involvement and enable members to pursue different interests.  

The forum meets on Thursday evenings from 5.30pm to 7pm.  Members can take part online or in the face to face meetings.

Each month they have a new agenda set up by members. Visitors from various organisations attend, including staff from the NHS, college services, Connexions and other agencies, to ask for young people’s views on topics and campaigns. 

The forum has also co-produced Participation training with the Disabled Children Services which can be delivered to young people on request.

For more information go to www.bigmouthforum.co.uk

Parent Carers Forum

It is essential that parents and carers are involved in planning services for their disabled children and young people because they know what services are needed.  The forum has a real role to play in planning and shaping services and it is important that it is representative of all cultures, communities and disability groups.

Members of the forum attend the SEND board as parent and carer representatives.

For more information, latest meeting dates and to have your say, visit their facebook page