Childcare on domestic premises

Childcare on domestic premises is where there are four or more people working together, for example four childminders, or two childminders and two assistants, or one childminder and three assistants.

Applicants, where there are more than three people working together, may apply as individuals or as an organisation.  However, they must meet the requirements for this type of care at all times, not the requirements for childminding.  This includes meeting the qualification requirements for group care and appointing a manager before registration is granted.

If any person providing childcare on domestic premises decides instead to hold a registration as a childminder for any days they operate with fewer than four people on the same premises, they may do so.  They must apply again to register as a childminder.  These people must pay two fees and have separate inspections and inspection reports. The law does not permit them to act as a childminder and childcarer on domestic premises on the same premises at the same time.

Applying the "up to 50% of the time" rule

You must decide for yourself how you will divide your care between domestic and non-domestic premises.  As long as you do not exceed the 50% rule, you will be acting in line with the requirements of your registration. 

For example, you may choose to operate from domestic and non-domestic premises on a daily basis. Alternatively, you may choose to operate between both types of premises on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. 

Whichever way you choose to operate, you must be clear as to how you divide the care between each type of premises at the point of application to work from non-domestic premises as part of your childminding registration.

If you want to work on non-domestic premises for more than 50% of the time, you will need to make a separate application to register as childcare on non-domestic premises.

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