SEND Local Offer

Hearing impairment

In Leicester City, the Hearing Support Team works with schools to ensure that your child fully accesses school life and that their hearing needs are met.

All unilateral and bilateral hearing loss will be supported from mild, moderate, severe or profound whether it is permanent or a long standing temporary loss. Any communication methods that you have chosen for your child will be supported within school. Schools should have high expectations of your child and help them to reach their full potential. 

The Hearing Support Team visit children and young people at home, in settings and schools. They advise staff working with your child in all aspects of their development by providing support, strategies and training on understanding hearing loss, managing audiological equipment and how to promote good language and communication.  This will enable your child to access learning and develop into a confident, independent successful young person.

For more information contact the hearing impairment team on 0116 4544650 or email