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Mental Health

Mental health relates to your emotional, psychological and social well-being, which can affect how you think, feel and act and make choices in your day-to-day life.


  • Depression and anxiety

    If you feel low or anxious during your pregnancy or after birth, speak to your GP or public health nurse who can help you find the right support.

  • Money and debt

    Advice and guidance about financial support and benefits that you may be entitled to.

  • Domestic abuse

    Domestic abuse and sexual violence can happen to anyone regardless of age, race, disability, social group or sexuality of the individuals involved. affect anyone. Leicester City Council provides local services for those in need of support.

  • Housing and homelessness

    Housing problems or being homeless can make your mental health worse. If you have a housing related issue, you may find support through Leicester City Council’s housing service.

  • Drugs and alcohol misuse

    Drinking alcohol or taking drugs whilst you are pregnant can put your unborn baby’s health at risk as well as your own. Speak to your midwife or make a self-referral to LiveWell Leicester for support.

  • Mental health support services

    Taking care of your mental health can reduce anxiety, improve relationships, and increase self-esteem. If you or someone you care about needs mental health support, check out these useful resources and tips on managing your mental wellbeing.

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