Local Offer Live

The Local Offer Live event 2021 will take place virtually week beginning 24 – 28 May 2021.

It will showcase services for children, young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Like the live event there will be performances, workshops and stalls sharing information, although this year it will be done virtually. It is a key place to find services that offer support locally for special educational needs and disability.

Reminder of Local Offer Live 2020

Here are a few reminders from last years event, held at Morningside Arena. The event was well attended. On the day there were live performances from Millgate school and FTM dance, as well as 70 stalls and 6 workshops covering the topics of Sleep, Autism, Sensory Needs, Wills, and Education Health and Care Plans. These were well attended with great feedback from participants. Activities included art and crafts and messy play areas set up by RNIB and Early Years team, additionally Leicester Cobras offered an opportunity to “Shoot a hoop”.

Shooting hoops with Leicester Cobras

   wheelchair users playing basket ball

Displaying personal school work

Young adult holding their science project school work at Leicester's Local Offer Live event

Young children playing with sensory toys

a young boy and girl playing with toys

Young adults enjoying the arts and crafts table

two young people threading beads


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