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Transition is an exciting time when a young person leaves childhood behind and moves into the world of adulthood.

For some young people this may affect the types of healthcare they have been used to or the kinds of social care and support which is familiar to them. We say that transition takes place between the ages of 14 to 25 and to make this as smooth and as successful as possible we recommend early planning. The information on this website has been developed to provide young people and their parents and carers with a variety of information to help them through this process.

To make planning for the future more complete from September 2014 it became law that the Statement of Educational Needs would be replaced by an Education, Health and Care Plan - EHCP.  This law meant that support for those with special educational needs and disabilities could continue for young people up to the age of 25 to make sure that transition to adulthood is planned for and supported. All those eligible for an EHC plan will have it reviewed each year by key people in the young person’s life for as long as the plan continues. Even if the young person doesn’t qualify for an Education, Health and Care Plan all the information found on these pages will help when planning for adulthood.

The emphasis of the EHCP review changes from the age of 14 to cover the Preparing for Adulthood themes. These are grouped into four pathways which are:

Young people, young carers and carers of young people have the right to ask for a Transition Assessment.  The law says that Adult Social Care has to assess people’s needs and to provide support if they need this help.  Read more on how to make a request for a transition assessment.

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