Friday 28 May

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Come and meet ADHD Solutions

9.15am to 10.15am

Find out more about what ADHD is, the work of ADHD solutions and how we can support you.

Session lead: Ian Hall, ADHD Solutions
Length of session: 1 hour

An Introduction to Steps Conductive Live activity

10.30am to 11.30am

Steps is a registered National Charity supporting families with preschool children who have special education needs. In this session we will introduce Steps and outline what Conductive Education is. There will be a live activity session. The Steps Chatter Box session aims to be very relaxed and relatively unstructured. You don’t have to prepare anything. If you would like to, you could have the following to hand:

  • Toys for the children to play with and to keep them entertained.
  • A handheld mirror to look at their faces (mirror on your phone / use the camera on your computer screen / iPad). You can also just as easily point to your child’s body parts together with them.
  • Bubbles / a straw in a cup with some liquid in it / something light like a leaf, a feather, ping pong ball or flour on your hand for practising “blowing”. Be as creative as you want!
  • If you would like to have your snack at the same time, that is great too.

Session leads: Indila Simandi, Fiona Holroyd, Steps Conductive Education Centre
Length of session: 1 hour

Number of places available: 20

Preparing for Adulthood

11.45am to 12.45pm

An introduction to the preparing for adulthood, what it is, things to consider and where to find information and support.

Session lead: Nayna Amlani, Disabled Children’s Service
Length of session: 1 hour

We are Gateway College

1.30pm to 2.30pm

Find out what you can study at Gateway College and what it is like to be a student here

Session lead: Kerry Reeve, Gateway College
Length of session: 30 – 40 minutes

Number of places available: 15 delegates

Helping your child to learn spellings at home

4.15pm to 5.15pm

Learn ideas and strategies of how to support children and young people who are struggling with their spellings

Session Lead: Kate Keaveny
Length of session: 1 hour

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