Questions about changes in home to school and college travel arrangements

This webpage aims to provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding the changes in our home to school and college travel policy, which are being implemented for the upcoming academic year starting on the 27 August 2024.

Our goal is to ensure that parents, carers, and stakeholders are well-informed about the upcoming changes and are equipped with the necessary information to navigate them effectively.

If you have any questions that are not included, email

  • What are exceptional circumstances? - would these be health related and what about those young people who have no road safety awareness and never likely to learn this because of their complex needs.
    Every request is looked at on its own merits. The vast majority of young people have the potential to travel independently, and it is part of the preparing for adulthood agenda.

    Whilst the council will look at all exceptional circumstances, the following examples are what we would NOT consider exceptional circumstances:
    • Single-parent families
    • Parent(s) who work
    • Having other children to look after and/or at other schools
    • Travelling to an independent school out of area
    • Parents/students unable to drive or having access to a car
    • Students in wheelchairs
  • Are exceptional circumstances health related?
    If you need to tell us about health circumstances that you feel are relevant to your young person, please email us at

  • What about those young people who have no road safety awareness?
    If you need to tell us about safety concerns that you have for a young person in this area, please email us at

  • Will Personal Transport Budgets still be offered?
    Only for those young people who are approved for travel support in exceptional circumstances.

  • What if parents don't have their own transport and can't afford alternative transport options for their child/young person? to make any bus journeys with their child?
    If parents don't have their own transport and cannot afford alternative transportation options for their child or young person, they can enquire about applying for a vulnerable student bursary directly with the schools or colleges concerned. For further details see: Guidance: 16 to 19 education: financial support for students (GOV.UK).

  • What if parents are unable to access public transport due to their own needs or are working?
    Travel support eligibility is determined based on the needs of the young person and not of the family. Therefore requiring parent/carers to make suitable arrangements.

    For parents facing work-related challenges, the Work and Families Act 2006 gives employees the right to request hours of work that fit around their caring responsibilities and for their request to be taken seriously by their employer. You must have worked for your employer for at least 26 weeks to make a formal request.

  • What is the statutory age of a child that the local authority is obliged to provide travel support?
    Similar to children in mainstream education, the local authority is only obliged to provide travel assistance for SEND children aged 5-16 (compulsory school age).

  • What would the response be from the local authority should a young person become NEET as a result of not being able to travel to their choice of college/training provider post-16?
    The options to support young people in attending post-16 further education are outlined in the post-16 transport policy. If a young person has exceptional circumstances, they should contact Each individual’s circumstances will be considered in accordance with the current Post-16 Transport Policy Statement.

  • Do young people with an EHCP have an automatic right to travel support?
    No, they would need to meet the eligibility criteria of the policy.

  • Would an Independent Specialist Placement (ISP – these are schools and colleges) package including transport be considered at Resource Allocation Panel (RAP – this is the multi-agency decision making group that consider plans and placements) to provide a package of support?
    Transport is not considered at the RAP. Parents should apply separately for travel support, meeting eligibility requirements. In the first instance parents/carers should approach schools and colleges for bursaries.

  • Where can I view the current Post 16 travel statement?
    View the current Post-16 transport policy statement 2023-2024 which will remain in place until the end of academic year 2023-2024.  An updated post-16 transport policy statement for the academic year 2024/2025 is now available.

  • Will other agencies be made aware of the policy change?
    Yes, other agencies will be made aware of the policy change. We consulted extensively in 2021 regarding the proposed changes, as detailed in the consultation.

  • Are social care aware that the changes may lead to an increased number of SEND adults (under the age of 25) being unable to access further education that meets their needs?
    Social care has been engaged in the changes, and individuals seeking further education should be encouraged to explore bursary options available from the further education establishments.

  • What happens in other areas with post-16 transport?
    The majority of other local authorities are in the process of adopting, or have already adopted, a similar approach. Leicester City Council like many other local authorities is under severe financial pressures and having to review the provision of all non-statutory services, which includes travel support.

  • Will a student become ineligible for transport support as soon as they turn 16 (e.g., part way through Year 11)?
    General eligibility for travel support ceases at the end of Year 11.

  • What do young people / parents do if they do not agree with the decision?
    If you do not agree with this decision, please email In the email, please include the child/young person’s full name, date of birth, and the place of education that the child/young person will be at the start of academic year 2024/25.