SEND Local Offer

Conversion timetable

This conversion timetable lays out the dates by which transfer reviews must be held according to statutory guidance from the Department for Education.

Where parents and carers or the young person request that a transfer review is held at an earlier date, this will be accommodated where ever possible.

The following groupings of children and young people will have their transfer review according to the following timetable (approximate numbers are indicated in brackets):

Conversion dates

By 31 May 2015

  • Young people leaving school during 2014/15 to go into Further Education from mainstream, special and independent special schools (100)

By 31 August 2015

  • Children and young people with non-statutory EHC plans ie EHC Plans that were issued before September 1st 2014 (220)
  • Children and young people with a statement who receive a direct payment from Leicester City’s Disabled Children’s Service (60)

By 31 August 2016

  • Young people in further education/training (or not in education, employment or training below the age of 18) with an LDA who request and need this level of support and who are remaining in FE beyond this date (300)
  • Children and young people moving from an Early Years setting to school or moving between schools (124)
  • Young people in Year 9 (103) 

By 1 April 2018

  • Young people in Year 11 and above who are not leaving school (210)
  • Children and young people leaving/joining the LA (unknown)
  • Young People leaving custody (6)
  • All other children and young people (590)

Young people with a statement or LDA who are 18 years old and above will not require an EHC plan where they are leaving school or further education and training and are:

  • not continuing with education or training
  • going into paid employment (but excluding apprenticeships, traineeships or supported internships)
  • going to university

Where this is the case, the young person’s statement or LDA will lapse at the end of their final year in school, college or setting.

Informing parents, carers and young people and schools, colleges and settings of the arrangements for a child or young person’s transfer review the local authority will:

  • write to all parents, carers of children with statements of special educational needs and non-statutory EHC plans at school (copy to the school) at the beginning of the academic year within which their child’s transfer review should be held.  The school will then write to the parents or carers in the normal way, giving them at least 2 weeks notice of their child’s transfer review.
  • have written to all young people in further education or training with an LDA (copy to the setting) by 31 March 2015 informing them of their right to request a plan
  • have written to those young people in further education or training with an LDA who the Local Authority believes requires a plan and who are remaining in education beyond August 2016 to inform them that their transfer review would have been held by August 2016. The college will then write to the young person and their family, giving them at least two weeks notice of their young person’s transfer review.
  • Other young people with an LDA and who are remaining in education beyond 2016 can request a plan and this will be considered through a transfer review organised following receipt of their request.