Person centred review

Person centred reviews are a family friendly and effective way of bringing everyone together to identify needs and develop an action plan for a child or young person with SEND.

Nasen (The National Association for Special Educational Needs) and Leicester City Council have worked together to create a series of short videos to show good practice when carrying out a person centred review.  

Series episodes

The videos are published on Youtube and all have the option to show subtitles and captions.  

  1. Preparing the child/young person
  2. Involving the child/young person
  3. Preparing parents and carers
  4. Preparing the room
  5. Welcome and setting the ground rules
  6. Setting ground rules
  7. Who is here?
  8. What we like and admire about the child/young person
  9. The start of the meeting
  10. Pupil presentation
  11. Teacher presentation 
  12. What's working well?
  13. What's important for the future
  14. The benefits of person centred approaches
  15. Developing the action plan
  16. Action Planning
  17. Reviewing the education, health and care plan
  18. Meeting statutory requirements
  19. Reviewing the action plan and concluding the meeting
  20. After the person centred review meeting
  21. Training implications for the person-centred approaches