Holiday food provision

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Playfair and FareShare East Midlands are pleased to announce the provision of 66,000 meals for children and young people during the summer school holidays.

You will be able to access this service through your local Playfair Adventure Playground from 13 July 2020.


  • Contact your local setting first to find out how you can access support
  • Follow any safety measures put into place by the playground

St. Andrews Play Association, 111 Walnut Street, LE2 7LA
0116 2916006

Highfields Adventure Playground, Mere Rd, LE5 5GQ
0116 2624592

Northfields Playbarn, Gipsy Lane, LE5 0TB
0116 2763720

Goldhill Adventure Playground, Windley Road, LE2 6QX
0116 2836350

Woodgate Adventure Playground, Bonchurch St, LE3 5EG
0116 2624253

The What Cabin, Willow Street, LE1 2HR
0116 2626551

Braunstone Adventure Playground, 8 Cort Cres, LE3 1QZ
0116 2919700

Mowmacre Playground, Bewcastle Gr, LE4 2JY
0116 2355668

New Parks Adventure Playground, "the venny”, Glenfield Rd, LE3 6DN
0116 2878239