Registration form explained

Holiday Activities and Food Programme

Guidance to explain the Council's online registration form for winter holiday activities and food programme.

Section 1 - Introduction

This tells you about the purpose of the form and asks you to confirm that your child is currently receiving benefits related free school meals.

  • If yes, you will move to Section 2
  • If no, you will not be able to continue with the form. 

Section 2 - Parent details

This asks for your personal information such as:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Relationship to the child
  • Contact details

Section 3 - Child details

This asks you to tell us how many children you want to register, eg 1, 2 etc.  Make sure you put the correct number in as the form will expect you to add details for each child.  The number can be altered if incorrect.

You will need to press the "add child" button to start adding the child's information that is required for the programme and will give you a drop down list of programme providers - you can only select one provider per child.  To save the information, press "add child"

For adding more children, repeat the process. 

The child information is used to check free school meal status and to notify programme providers of who they are expecting to attend and to allow them time to put in place any additional support that the child may need.

Section 4 - Consent and privacy

This explains how your information will be handled and who it will be shared with.  Read our privacy notice.

Section 5 - Summary of information

This is a summary of the information you have provided, pleae check before submitting.  You can press the previous button to go back to any sections that require a change.

If you are happy with this, press the "submit" button.

Submission page

This section confirms that your form has been submitted and will give you a reference number starting with HAF - make a note of this number.

What happens next - read the registration form completed information.