Support with resources

Information to support the completion of the Provider Agreement resources.

Annex A - Provider information and declaration

The online form collects the information outlined in the provider agreement including the declaration agreeing to the terms and conditions.  The form can be accessed from pc, tablet or mobile devices.

Mandatory information will need to be entered and an indicator will appear if information is missing.

On submitting the online form, a reference number will appear for your records. The online form is immediately received by Early Education Development team on production of the reference number.

No alternative method of completing Annex A is available. If you require any support completing the online form, contact your Early Education Development Officer direct.

Data Controller to Data Controller Agreement

This document outlines the way data and sensitive information is handled by the council and provider. The document is PDF which can be filled in online or downloaded for completion.  Retain a copy of the completed form for your records.

The signature and name of authorising person should be entered into the Third Party area at the end of the document.

Return the completed form by email to or post to:

Early Education Development team
New Parks House
Pindar Road
Leicester, LE3 9RN

Parental Declaration Form

This form collects the relevant child and parent information needed to be able to offer them a funded place.  It also confirms the provision offer and arrangements.

The parent is required to complete the form with your support to ensure correct information is collected.

The form must be kept securely by the provider and should be available for any audit or Ofsted inspection carried out. No copies should be sent to Leicester City Council.