Quality improvement process guide

The quality improvement programme (QIP) has been developed to support staff in casting a self-critical eye over their practice as an individual and the quality of the provision on offer as a whole.

The tool is not designed to work in isolation, but instead to build on existing quality improvement strategies, bringing together key areas identified for improvement, providing a consistent and structured evidence base for monitoring quality.

Flow of practice

1 - Identify your priorities

What are the recommendations/actions from your last Ofsted inspection? What advice have support agencies offered you? Have you identified any other areas of practice that you feel could be better? With those in mind, rank them in order of priority.

2 - Find the information

Review the contents page of the QIP and identify the main sections relevant to your area of focus. Explore the sub sections within to locate the specific topic required.

Take time to reflect

Once you have located the section required, decide how you plan to use the QIP to reflect. Will you be working through the section as a team? Will the manager take the lead? Or will you be working independently?

Review the Guidance notes in column 1, then move on to ask yourselves the Reflective questions in column 2. Record your reflection in column 4, recording what you do now and how you evidence your best practice in this area.

Action Planning

Now that you have established what you do well, how can you improve? Based on your self-reflection and using the Useful Links, Training and Q cards referenced in column 3, identify the next steps required and compile these in to an action plan. This will allow you to monitor progress being made and ensure that your reflection impacts on quality.  See annex 1 for a variety of action plan template s for your consideration.

Continue the cycle of reflection

Revisit your action plan and the sections you have covered periodically, to keep momentum and make updates to your evidence and next steps.
Return to step one to continue the cycle of quality improvements

The QIP process guide flowchart is available to download