EYFS 2021 training

Early Years Foundation Stage training opportunities for the childcare sector.

Where booking is required, please email EEDteam@leicester.gov.uk with the:

  • course code in the subject bar, and
  • practitioner attending name and setting in the email

Any charges will be invoiced on receipt of booking.

Quality Curriculum

This course will give you an opportunity to explore what a quality curriculum should include and empower settings to begin to reflect and establish a high- quality curriculum, that can be articulated and justified.

It will also consider how the curriculum fits into the three III’s and the language around the EYFS that’s supports this.

This deep dive into curriculum exploration will give practitioners the tools and confidence to deliver a purposeful curriculum that keeps the child at the centre. A must for those getting to grips with the revised EYFS.

  • Course code: QC03 Quality Curriculum
  • Date: Tuesday 7 December
  • Time: 7pm to 9pm (2 hr session)
  • Training type: Delivered via msteams online
  • Charge: £20 per attendee

Prime Areas

An opportunity to unpick what expected development would look like in each of the prime areas of the EYFS 2021 and explore tools and resources that will aid practitioners in their observation and assessment of children; to inform planning and to support them in seeking external support if needed for a child.

Learning intentions - Practitioners will:

  1. Practitioners will leave with the skills to use a variety of tools to support with observations and assessments.
  2. They will have the opportunity to practice using the tools and apply their knowledge of child development to case studies.
  3. They will be able to use a holistic approach to- complete a referral to external agencies.
  4. They will be able to use a holistic approach to child development and apply this is observations they make of children- in all 3 prime areas.

A session jointly facilitated by Early Education Development Team and the Early Years Support Team

  • Course code: PA01 Prime Areas
  • Date: Thursday 9 December
  • Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm (3 hr session)
  • Training Type: Delivered face to face
  • Venue: City Hall Room G.01, 115 Charles Street, Leicester LE1 1FZ
  • Charge: £30 per attendee

Business Support Workshop

Focus - Admissions Policies

In this session we will aim to go through the main requirements and information which we would expect to be covered in your Admissions Criteria/Policy document in relation to FEEE places.


  1. FEEE providers are required to have an Admissions Criteria/Policy which is clear about how parents can access the funded entitlements. This document and any support information should be made available to parents at the point their child first accesses provision.
  2. Many parental queries and concerns raised with the EED team are due to insufficient information and lack of clarity/explanation from the provider with regard to how they administer the funded entitlement places and what their charges are for additional hours and services.
  3. Having clear and transparent information, about the funded entitlement, in your Admissions Criteria/Policy document is key to avoid any misunderstandings with parents and potentially being put into FEEE compliance measures.
  • Date: Thursday 2 December
  • Time: 10am to 12 noon (2 hr session)
  • Training type: Delivered via msteams online
  • Charge: Free support session

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