COVID 19 Closure reporting - wording when closed

The early years setting should only close if you:

  • Do not have any children classed as vulnerable or children of key / critical workers; or
  • Have insufficient staff to keep the setting open. 

If you feel you need to close for any other reason, contact the Early Education Development (EED) team on 0116 454 4190 to discuss any impact that this may have on vulnerable / keyworker children.

If you intend to close your setting, complete the form on the link:

The circumstances regarding closure of your setting could change and therefore you need to keep the local authority updated if you are able to reopen.

Should your setting have to close and you have vulnerable / key worker children who continue to need places, contact the Early Education Development team on 0116 454 4190 with details of these children and their needs so that we can support parents to find alternative provision, during your closure period.