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Not eligible - what next?

If you do not meet the current criteria, it will not be possible to receive 15 hours free early education for your two year old child.  


You have submitted an application and have received a not eligible response, it maybe for two reasons:


  • You do not meet the criteria, or 

  • You have supplied incorrect information about yourself or your partner

Please check that your date of birth, national insurance number and surname are the same as what the DWP holds.   If you have to correct the information on the Portal, reapply and a further check will be carried out.


If you are still not eligible, try using your partner or spouses information.  There will be an option on the Citizen Portal application form to do this.  If this also shows that you are not eligible, it will be an indication that you do not meet the Earnings and Benefits criteria.


If your financial circumstances change and you now meet the criteria, a further application can be made through the Citizen Portal.


Your child will become eligible for free early education from the term after their third birthday, regardless of income.  For more information, go to Early Education for 3 and 4 Year olds.