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Get help and support on the issues that affect you as a dad.


Your child's mental health

Advice and support if you are worried about your teenager's behaviour.


Your relationship with your teenager

Information for parents on how to improve your relationship with your teenager.


Helping your child through a divorce

Information and organisations that can help you and your children through this difficult time.


Talking to your teenager about sex

Tips, advice and support about talking to your teenager about sex and other related issues.


Coping with death as a family

Dealing with death can be a very stressful  for all the family. Find out about the organisations that can provide help and support through this difficult time.


Helping your children stay safe online

The BBC's Webwise Share Take Care site is all about helping parents understand the net so they can help their children have fun but stay safe online.


Help with bullying

Get information, advice and support if you think or know that your child is being bullied.


Youth Offending Team

The Youth Offending Team can help parents to care for young people who have offended. Find out what support is available for you and your child.


When your child has an addiction

Find out about help and support available if you think your child may have an addiction.


Supporting your child's learning

Find out what you can do to support your child's learning.