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Leicester City Council offer information, advice and support to families seeking housing.



Support for children and young people

The following services offer information and advice to children, teenagers and young adults who are experiencing difficulties that may lead to homelessness.



Childline provide support and advice on homelessness, running away and getting the right help.



The YMCA is a drop in centre for homeless people, based in Leicester City Centre, close to the train station. They can help with all kinds of pressing needs and no appointment is necessary. 


Park Lodge Project

Park Lodge Project aims to provide supported accommodation for 24 young homeless people between the ages of 16 and 25.

HITS Homes Trust
Hits Homes Trust provides supported accommodation in self-contained one bedroom flats to 15 single 16-25 year olds who are homeless.  


Shelter provide support and advice to young people on leaving care, homelessness and eviction and dealing with housing problems.


Homeless UK

Advice, information and guidance on careers, employment and training opportunities for young people aged 13-19. 


Online video

Watch a video for advice on housing options for young people.