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Family Support

The area offers links to services that offer support and advice for family related matters.   Further advice is available at your local Children, Young, People and Families Centre or widen your search with mychoice.leicester.gov.uk


Pregnancy and Birth 

Services that offer family planning, pregnancy and post natal support



Being a parent isn't always easy. Get support and advice on lots of issues like your relationship with your teenager, helping your child through divorce, bullying, being a dad and dealing with death as a family.


Parents with disabilities

Find out about the financial, emotional and physical support available for parents with disabilities.  


Adoption and fostering

Information and advice about fostering and adoption.  


Early Help

Targeted early help services is a way of getting that support to a family when they need it to help stop issues from escalating 


Money Matters

Get clued up on the financial help available for families and whether you're eligible.


Employment rights for working families

Find out your employment rights and entitlement as a working family, including maternity & paternity leave, time off, flexible working and The Equality Act.    


Health and wellbeing

Find out about the health services we offer in Leicester, and information on making informed lifestyle choices to improve your health and wellbeing.  


Learning opportunities for adults

Being a parent doesn't mean that learning has to stop. Find out about the different courses (some free) and  opportunities available to you as an adult learner.  


National Careers Service

National Careers Advice can offer practical advice to help you make the right career choices whether you want to learn new skills, change career or return to work.



Get advice and support on your housing issues.


Being a grandparent

Get advice on support on being a grandparent.


Domestic and sexual abuse

Get information and advice about domestic and sexual abuse and what to do if someone is being violent towards you or other members of your family at home.